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  • How to Prevent Back PainHow to Prevent Back Pain

    Back pain is common and usually affects everyone at some point. It often occurs more frequently as you grow older. Pain can either be sharp and sudden or dull and constant. Acute back pain lasts a few days or weeks while pain that lasts more than 6 months is considered chronic. Adopting a few good habits and taking certain precautions can help prevent back pain.

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  • Non-Operative Treatments for Lower Back InjuriesNon-Operative Treatments for Lower Back Injuries

    Non-operative treatments for lower back injuries are conservative or non-surgical remedies employed for the treatment of lower back injuries.

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  • Back Pain ExercisesBack Pain Exercises

    Exercise helps in rehabilitating the back, relieving pain, preventing or reducing the severity of future episodes, strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and reducing stiffness.

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  • Healthy Back TipsNon-Operative Treatments for Lower Back Injuries

    Back and neck pain is the most common health problems experienced by most people, at some point in their lives. People with back pain or neck pain may have trouble performing daily routine activities.

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